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In view of the imminent deadline for the application of the European legislation on the protection of personal data, the Ministry of Justice has appointed a team of experts whose immediate task will be to assure that the current Italian Privacy Code complies with the new rules.

There are two European regulations which will need to be implemented in the Italian framework in May 2018. Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council on privacy (GDPR), which repeals the previous 1995 Directive, will come into effect from May 25th 2018, while the deadline of May 6th has been set for publishing and implementing the legislative, regulatory and administrative dispositions of Directive EU 2016/680, which concerns the protection of personal data processed by the competent authorities for the purpose of the prevention, investigation, or prosecution of criminal offences.

In order that the Italian Code on personal data protection will comply with the new rules as quickly as possible, the Government has taken the decision to also utilise a team of qualified experts from outside the Administration and from different professional fields. On December 14th 2017, Professor Giusella Finocchiaro was appointed by the Ministry of Justice to lead the Working Group in charge of drawing up the Legislative Decrees to guarantee the prompt implementation and compliance of the internal framework with the European data protection requirements.

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